Dear warhammer modellers and fanatics out there! Behold I bring ye the everlasting truth, keep your workstation organized and clean! A quick rant about do’s and don’ts of your workarea. 

After almost 17 years in this hobby I have come to realize a few things. One of the most prominent must be that I will probably never grow out of this, quite the contrary I will immerse into this not much unlike Bootstrap Bill into the flying Dutchman in The Pirates of the Caribbean. Second thing is that the longer and more you do this hobby your work area becomes more and more important.

When I started off with modelling and painting I worked as any kid would at my own desk, which was cluttered with all kinds of artefacts, or the kitchen table. The kitchen table was almost sacred for big projects. God knows your normal desk could not fit all the pieces you needed. Also the kitchen table meant that you invited your buddies, for the famous ”painting session”.

As you grow up, you come to the point where you need yourself a ”man cave” or as in most of the cases, a ”man corner”. Let’s not kid ourselves ladies and gents, only single guys who work telemarketing have man caves. A man cave can only be achieved by us regular mortals as an early middle age present, so only 6 more years for me until I hit 40, hopefully the man cave will come along there as well.

My workstation isn’t even nearly done. But at least it is organized… sort of. I have ”invested” in this stationary I found at IKEA, filled it with stuff. It is now an organized mess. Do note the keyword being organized here. It still helps. But you know how it is, once you start a project the organized mess still becomes a proper mess.
If you are anything like me you will not notice this until your superglue bottle is stuck to your arm and you have no idea where you put the knife. This might be a good indication for two things. First, take a break. Stand up, walk around, go cuddle with your significant other for a couple of minutes and then you may return to what you were doing. But before you get back to work, here is the second thing you should do; give the workstation a quick clean-up. Put back tools where they belong, throw away scraps you no longer need, rearrange your glues and paintbottles. There, you can now continue working!IMG_0834

The pictures are taken from my own workstation and enjoy the video on what I wouldn’t be able to live without when doing hobby stuff!

Happy hobbying.