We all have been on the wailing end of getting models in finecast that were everything but up to par. Recently I ordered the regimental advisors together with castellan Creed for my imperial guard army, and lo and behold when I reach my favorite local shop Playoteket that I find my regimental advisors in good ol’ white metal.

Why do we insist on ranting on finecast? I have just recently assembled 20 flayed ones for a commission job I am doing at the moment, and I am not the least surprised that Games Workshop are doing their best to replace all these horrendous minis with plastic. You are doing this, right?!

But all is not bad with finecast. Seeing the state in which my Creed has arrived I am all butterfly belly over the details that I am about to paint. It has to be said that someone over at Nottingham must’ve eaten something bad, because, why God why would you put one of the mold connections right in the middle of Creeds perfect curls?! Beats me, but I guess that GW sees this as a perfect opportunity for me to practice my cutting and modeling skills. Thanks good guy GW.

Then we go to my advisors. Ahhh! Seeing the white metal surface, feeling the weight of the models, further underlining the importance these guys hold on the battlefield makes me one happy camper. But as the first euphoria is laid to rest I realize that even here my skills will be put to a test. The detail is far more rugged than the detail on the finecast model. Once again I realize that I have been carried kicking and screaming, to be shown that finecast isn’t all that bad, it is actually better. 

The paint will stick to Creed, it will. Even if I would for some reason drop my benevolent general, he will take the pounding far better than my advisor will take a stern look from a socially awkward neckbeard. 

Either way I am still happy to once again enjoy the ill fitting, hard painted, heavy and rugged white metal minis, that will ever so loyally advise my finecast Lord Creed in how to best pound my enemies to a pulp, to the lamentation of said neckbeard.


 Happy hobbying.