When buying that sweet, sweet plastic pile of goodness and fuzzy feelings, it sometimes dents the wallet. So we want to get the biggest bang out of our buck. Magnetization and its perks.

Recently I posted a magnetization guide on the Doomsday/Ghost Arch. This particular model was for a commission, but I do recommend magnetizing your minis. Many might come at you with the argument that it is ”the cheap way out” or that you are sneaky.

I argue that this is very far from the truth. Magnetization in my ears spells customization. As for instance the recent Imperial Knight kit. You are given a kit that can potentially build into 5 different variations of a knight. Add to that the different auxilary choices such as the meltagun and the carapace weapon. Do the math, yes there are a few variations. Glueing the whole thing together leaves you with one…. ONE!

If you plan on making the most of an army such as the Imperial Knights, investing in magnets is not a bad idea. If you ever end up with 5 knights, which many do, you can have 5 knights, of EVERY type!

Enjoy this produce of my labour, and rejoice in our 5 in 1 knight!

Happy hobbying.