We read all sorts of rants on the internet about pricing, painting, ruling and so on and so forth. Do we actually give any thought to why we rant or to how severe it actually is? I think I have found an answer…

The answer, ladies, gents and fanatics is no. I have a small rant for you. I hate painting Necron Flayed ones. One of the most flawed casting from the finecast range. Details are bad, morphing everywhere. To top it off I paint it in bulk together with 20 warriors, 5 immortals, 1 triarch and 1 Doomsday Arch. I hate it painting Necrons. Right now.

And it is important to say right now. Because I will be done somewhere later tonight. And I will bring out my photo booth. Shoot some photos. Bring about the go-pro, do a short video. Curse a little bit over my flawed knowledge in Premiere. But I will be proud. I will be proud and love the work I put into the minis. Even the flayed ones. I will pigment them, purst them and bloody them. They will look awesome.

Apply this to any rant about our hobby we have. Our good experiences always triumph over the bad, otherwise we wouldn’t be in this hobby.

Happy hobbying.