Dear fanatics, we all want to make our armies stick out as much as possible, and we convert we kitbash etc. But then we have all the named characters we all love so much. And most of us most of the time get the original model for said named character. As hobbyists, it is only fair we ask ourselves, why?

Sometimes the answer is quite simple, and that is that the original model looks bad ass! Would you concider anything but the original model for Lord Castellan Creed? I think not! I can imagine same thing goes for many other characters that we have come to love. But I actually want to challenge the idea of ”some things are just sacred”. So let’s see why we should embrace the hobby and customize!


Why SHOULD you customize?

It is safe to assume that those of us who play, build and paint Space Marines get off the easiest. We get the most bits, the most variations and even 3rd party companies love those little bastards. If one would just have every single SM compatible bit out there, oh my lord. Not even Robust Girlyman would be able to match that bling. But other armies are not far from this variety of bits at hand, and let’s not forget you can actually get the original model, and chop it up and rebuild it to your own vision. So what are the pro’s?

  • You get to further customize your army. It is like getting a tattoo design made just for you, you can almost be certain no one at the next hootenanny is going to show up with the exact same thing. Thus your warlord or specific sergeants will look extra shiny.
  • If there is a custom backstory, there should be a custom hero. If you are creative in your narrative, realising your heroes in a custom fashion makes your army so much more your own. Personally I did this with both my Imperial Guards and Space Marines. Yes, there is a huge backstory. I have taken freedoms, One of the two lost primarch freedoms…


  • Bring the hobby back. This is probably the best reason of all. The hobby is the refuge for our inner child. Never limit yourself and go get kitbashing!

Why SHOULDN’T you customize?

There is never any reason to not customize. It looks awesome, it shows dedication, and I have yet to come across the person to deny me playing my ‘counts as’ models. Be excellent and keep building your cool stuff.

From Lysander, Pedro and the Great Khan,

Happy Hobbying.


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