Fanatics across the world rejoice! Your favourite married blogger and hobby guru is back after a long break from writing, and only writing because oh boy have things been happening in the studio! Let me tell you the story about what is happening in the world of this humble southern gentleman.


The life of Batte

Mariage is treating me very well, thank you for asking. My wife remains my greatest fan and all my shineys have survived the merger with no hickups, even better she keeps supporting me with brand new stuff. And you wouldn’t believe how much you need in the world of hobbying. The bigger ideas you get the more tools and shit you need, I know right!? Slowly my humble mancorner needs to expand and become rearranged. But these are all very comfortable and welcome problems.

The long war and Spikey Bits

I have had the honor to become a partner with the esteemed Rob Baer of Spikey Bits and Kenny Boucher of Next Level Painting. Southern Painting will become way more active, also an original content creator for  The Long War. Fanatics, go check it out. For a small subscribtion fee you will have exclusive access to battle reports, painting guides made by yours truly, Kenny Boucher and many others. Rob and Kenny are two awesome dudes that keep providing us the best rumors, news and images of hobby stuff from all around the word. Show them your love.

Future of Southern Painting

As the plan looks like right now I have been basically organizing among all the awesome stuff that has been happening. As you might have noticed the slogan has changed into singular form, yes I have gone solo. I am in the making of a proper portfolio of images that I have collected of my work so far. I have started up my painting service locally again, plus several of how-to videos in the making, some of them will be featured for free on my youtube channel, some will be exclusive content for you guys that become veterans of the long war. 

A lot of wonderful things happening. Oh I started a Tau army, oh and an Eldar one too! Lots and lots of wonderful stuff to paint, record and share with you fanatics out there! Stay tuned for awesome content coming to you already this weekend, where I will answer (hopefully) all your questions on how to strip and repaint old models, this together with a nice and funloving editorial on ebay reinforcements, and the ”pro-painted” heist!

Happy Hobbying.