Time for a little studio update for my dear fanatics! I am currently working on a commission for a client, the mighty Thunderhawk! And mighty it is, and freaking blue! Also loads of new stuff in the planning!

The Thunderhawk

So this is one amazing piece of mini I tell you what! Truly a great experience. Not only do I have the pleasure to paint this beasty, I also was given the oportunity to actually construct the base for it, and make it fly! Now this isn’t as straightforward as it might seem. The Thunderhawk is, well, quite big. Thanks to my buddy Sami ”El Guapo” Sellam at Stråheds in Svedala, Sweden, I managed to get hold of a solid base. It is about 2,5 cm thick (about an inch) and 25 cm in diameter (about a foot). In the centre I drilled a 20mm hole and put an acrylic rod about a foot long. Nedless to say I had to put a 20 mm drill into the bird as well. Let’s just say my farts were whistles for a while…

As you can see I drilled a hole through the bird, and put a 3 mm piano cord through the whole piece, to carry the weight on the bottom part of the model. It isn’t hard but if you want to do this, be careful, you are drilling a hole through a 300$ piece. 

Then I moved on with painting the hull. Boy oh boy, I felt like howling at the moon and sell my soul to the Devil at the crossroads, THAT’S how blue it became.


So there you are, a Thunderhawk in the making!

Other updates

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That’s it for this update fanatics, coming next some thoughts on making ends meet when it comes to time, and a follow-up article to the relationship article, What do women want – what do nerds have, featuring my awesome wife as co-writer!
Happy Hobbying.