War, war never changes. The tournament scene was a bad memory, or so I thought since the end of the fifth edition. But lo and behold, here I am, the day after my last tournament. 

What’s up fanatics this is Battesai once again delivering thoughts on hobby, gaming and living in an analogue world of minis with spikey bits.

So yesterday my buddy Olf Grandius (yes, that is his pretentious handle, Olof is funny that way) set out on a journey to participate in what will be our first tourney of many probably. If you want to be spared reading a long and tedious article with fart jokes, conclusion is yes, yes we were entertained.

Olof and I have been buddies for longer than I care to admit, what I even want to admit less is that he got me into the hobby, actually showing me the ropes almost 18 years ago. Today, both married and living an (sort of) adult life, we said good bye to our wives, and with coffee on our mind and our armies packed we got in the car, and off we went.

Stop it Battesai, you said you hated competitive play! 

Yes, I have been a long time promoter of narrative play above anything else. But a guy can change his mind. And there is a hobby-related reason for it. Despite the fact I hade 99,9% of my models already finished way prior to this tournament, I still had some touch-ups to do.  Not only did I have to finish off the small details on my army, I also had a delivery of commissions to one of the organizers of the tournament.

Two months ago my client and now new buddy Daniel, asked me if I wanted to attend their local tournament, CAD-only armies and focus on social gathering and appreciating the game.  I thought why the heck not? Might as well, and it will give me the opportunity to actually meet some of the people I have gotten to know online through this page and various forums.

Olof, who just recently joined me in my endeavors of painting all the minis jumped on the bandwagon to Malmö to roll some dice and kick some ass!

As any tournament, neckbeardary is fact but in no way in a magnitude that one is lead to believe from all the rumors and stories online. This was a lot of fun. We made a lot of new friends and were invited to new events, both competitive and narrative.

So the conclusion dear fanatics, I admit I have been somewhat elitist for promoting hobbying and narrative play, regarding competitive play as something that destroys the fun and the hobby. Quite the contrary. In order to become a true fanatic, one must enjoy all aspects of the hobby. Not all competitive players shun narrative play, not all hobbyist shun playing, and not all narrative players look down on competition. All these elements complement each other, and we should embrace them all because they promote one another.

Tournaments force you to paint up your models, giving you more reason to paint than just that one or two big events a quarter of a year where you do narrative play. You meet more people at tournaments, for whom you want to deliver your nicest minis. So it promotes hobby! Especially when the tournament has the house rule, that an unpainted model, merits the opponent preferred enemy against it.

Tournaments let you find new players to clash with, many of them who love narrative play too. Not to mention some of them being tremendous artists, who love talking hobby just at much as you do.

So take a chance, and do all the minis!!

Happy Hobbying,